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New Pre-Order System

We are super excited to announce we are moving to a more efficient pre-order system! Starting TODAY you will be able to access our members only website to place your order instead of via the old weekly emails. This will be a much more organized and user friendly way to place your WEEKLY pre-orders (our monthly bulk orders for Frontier, Garden of Life, etc. will continue as they always have). You can still show up to the store to shop without pre-ordering but we will not be able to guarantee certain perishable items to be in stock for you if you don't. Below we will walk you through the straightforward steps to placing your pre-order using our software so you are ready to go for next week!

1. Visit

Tip: Save it to your favorites so you can easily access it each week

2. Login between Tuesday and Thursday to place you order.

Your username is your first and last name with a space in between

A standard password has been created for all members "freshfamily"

Ex) username: "Elise Pickett" password: "freshfamily"

If you are having trouble logging in please call Virgil at 727-666-5837

or email

Note: There is no sensitive information contained on this site but if you would

prefer to change your password you can do so by clicking on the "Account" tab.

Click on "Edit Account" then type in your new password and click submit.

3. Once you have logged in, you will be brought to a home page which gives you

quick instructions on how to use the site if you need a refresher. The week you

will be ordering for is shown in the upper right corner.

4. From here you will click on the "Products" tab at the top of the page.

5. Scroll through the page and input your desired quantities for your pre-order.

The only items you will see listed here are items that require a pre-order. We will

still carry all of our standard produce, bulk, and miscellaneous items as usual.

Tip: You do NOT need to enter a zero if you don't need that item

Click "Add All to Cart" when you are ready.

Note: You do NOT need to click add to cart for each section

6. You will be automatically be taken to "My Basket" once you click "Add All to Cart".

Please review the items in your cart carefully. SINCE THESE ITEMS ARE PERISHABLE,


can change quantities and delete items as needed, click the "Update Cart"

button. The total you see at the bottom will be due when you visit the store to

pick up your goods - there is no pre-payment necessary.

Note: There is no official submit, checkout, or process button. Whatever is in your

cart by 5:00pm Thursday will be considered your order for next week.

7. Show up during our normal business hours to pick up your goods at which time

you can do any additional shopping you need!

Thank you for taking the time to learn our new system. We are confident it will help create an even better shopping experience for you at Fresh Family Goods! If you have any questions about how to use the software please reach out to me at 727-666-5837 or

Extra Savings & New Products With Monthly Group Buys!

In additional to our weekly ordering cycle using the pre-order software, we are adding a monthly group buy cycle offering additional savings and possible new items depending on response. This will include meats, fish, bulk goods, breads, maple syrup, and other products. Monthly group buys will require pre-order AND pre-payment. Simply respond to the email with your desired quantities. To prepay you can Venmo when the order is placed or next time you are in to shop we will include what you owe with your purchase for that day. The monthly group buy email will come with an excel attachment. You can fill in the excel with your desired quantities and it will automatically calculate what you owe, alternatively you can simply reply to the email, or call in your order.

Constantly Expanding Our Offerings...

Some of you may have noticed that we now carry Straight Hemp CBD Oil. They offer full spectrum hemp oil that is sustainably grown using snow melt and sunshine in Colorado. They use state of the art extraction techniques which allows them to standardized their products to the actual CBD content so you know exactly what you’re getting. Every batch is tested for quality and potency by a certified third party lab. Straight Hemp will be stocked in store but will also be included in the monthly group buy for additional pre-order/pre-pay savings. Also, per member requests, we are working on two other brands (Hemp Bomb and Natures Script). Although we have some samples at the co-op, these will only be part of the monthly group buy for now.

We hope this newsletter is helpful and informative, please let us know how if it has been helpful. See you in the store!

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