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Food Cooperative

A way to shop for sustainable, local, & organic food at fair prices. Its not just for "crunchy granola" types anymore!

A food co-op is a small scale members based grocery store offering high-quality foods at fair prices. By joining your St. Petersburg food co-op and paying a small membership fee, you gain access to organic, locally sourced, high-quality produce, meats, dairy, and dry goods at discounted prices. Your membership with the St. Petersburg food cooperative, helps support local growers, mom and pop vendors, create jobs, and support our local Florida farmers.


If you...

* Want to buy quality goods at affordable prices...

* Have been wanting to be more sustainable for awhile now...

* Would love to support the local economy...


Then its time to become a member of your

St. Petersburg Food Co-Op.

We are Here to Help

We get that this may be different from how you are used to shopping. But we are confident that you will love it! We are happy to chat with you on your first visit but just in case you want to do a little homework first, we got you covered.

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11415 Starkey Road

Largo, FL 33773

TEL : 727-666-5837

Monday 12:00pm - 5:30pm

Tuesday 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Dairy arrives from the farm Monday at 12:00pm

Let's Make a Change ✌️ 🌱 🌎

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